I serve as a guide for universal awareness & how to experience the Multidimensional nature of ourselves and our reality


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Sessions are based on the information presented by the soul who has booked. No session is the same, just as all soul's have their own blueprint. 

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"My life has flourished and changed completely - for the better - in just over one year of working with Mary. I feel closer to God and closer to aligning with my truest self. I would say about two or three sessions in, there was a moment where I felt so much warmth and love surrounding me that the barriers blocking my emotions dissolved. I actually felt tears come to my eyes, which shocked me, because I never cry in front of people. That’s when I realized how real Mary’s gifts were. "

I always feel completely safe sharing my deepest thoughts and feelings with Mary. I know that she always has my best interest at heart, and I trust her judgements and channelings wholeheartedly. She’s the best at what she does and is always very transparent about what she feels I need to hear (from my angels and spirit guides). 

- Nina A.

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